TMO-100 – The World's First Speaking TETRA Modem


With the new built-in Speech Feature the TMO-100 can be used for automated announcements and alarms. It can voice up to 16 pre-recorded messages and has also implemented constant messages like numbers, days of the week, months, measures and many more. Using the PicoLogo MicroPLC the stored messages can be assembled from different speech segments and even dynamic numbers can be spoken.

The recording of these messages is done using the embedded web browser and a TETRA hand terminal. One simply has to click the “record” button and is then able to speak any (maximum) 15-second message into the terminal. The announcement is then stored without any loss of the high ACELP voice quality.

Of course all SCADA and Telemetry features are also available on that multi featured device. It can be used for a wide range of SCADA and automation applications in water, wastewater utilities, gas and oil applications, airports, public transportation and many more. Embedded serial protocols (Modbus RTU, DNP3, 60870-5-101, Siemens Sinaut, BSAP, ROC, ...) and the embedded IP router with NAT and Port forwarding allowing the use of IP based protocols when using Packet data or Multi Slot Packet data.