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TETRA Data Solutions The Current Status

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TETRA to Analog Gateway


Speaking TETRA Modem

TETRA Solutions made in Germany

After two successful events in the US, IWCE in Vegas in March and UTC in Atlanta in May, we can say that the interest in the US in TETRA is finally growing and all our efforts over the last years are starting to pay off with our first TETRA Telemetry network in Georgia. Also CREOS in Luxembourg decided to deploy our modems for their more than 2500 outstations. We have had a successful year and also a successful CCW 2015 in Barcelona (See picture below) with our partner Logitek from Barcelona.

People were very interested in our TTS-2000 TETRA Coverage Analyzer as they see great potential in user-friendliness and the great value for money. Our DMR modem, which is a joint development with Simoco gained great interest at all our shows especially in the US. And our TMC-100 radio was an eye-catcher, as most people did not want to believe that this very small device is a fully functional TETRA radio.

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